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No Supra Additive Effects Of Goserelin And Radiotherapy On Clonogenic Survival Of Prostate Carcinoma Cells

February 21, 2017

UroToday - Luteinising hormone releasing hormone (LHRH) analogs improve survival rates when applied during curative radiotherapy for prostate cancer (PC). However, the mechanism of this enhancement of radiosensitivity of tumor cells is still obscure. As about 85% of PC express LHRH receptors, we postulated a direct interaction between LHRH agonists and radiotherapy in the tumor cells.

However, in this study we could exclude any interaction of both treatment modalities in LNCaP and PC-3 cells. Proliferation or clonogenic survival was not influenced after irradiaton by exposure to LHRH-analog. The clinically observed increase in tumor control after combination of goserelin with radiotherapy in PC must be attributed to synergistic effects of androgen deprivation and irradiation.

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