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Minister Hoctor Speaks At Launch Of CARDI In Stormont Castle, Ireland

May 04, 2017

Ms Maire Hoctor TD, Minister for Older People, was delighted to be invited to be part of the launch of CARDI, a not for profit organisation, developed by leaders in the field of research into ageing, in Stormont Castle. CARDI was established to ensure that research plays its role in planning for an ageing population in this country. The work done by CARDI is supported by Atlantic Philanthropies and overseen by a Steering Group. The Institute of Public Health hosts this work.

CARDI aims to provide a mechanism for greater collaboration among researchers on ageing. It also has the objective of promoting the wider dissemination of age-related research. A third aim of CARDI is to advance a research agenda which is relevant to policy and practice, through establishing a countrywide research community. This is in line with international developments in countries such as Canada and Australia.

CARDI recognises that there is a great need for more co-ordination of research into ageing and older people. In addition to this, the results of this research do not always reach those involved in making policy decisions. These are two issues which CARDI aims to address in its work.

However, rather than undertaking this research itself, CARDI will facilitate key stakeholders working together to develop the required research activity. Disseminating the information arising from this research will play an invaluable role in raising the profile of research into ageing, while also raising its profile.

The proportion of older people in the population is increasing and now we have one million people aged 60 years of age and older. In this context, the work being done by CARDI is of great relevance in enhancing the quality of life for older people.

Establishing priorities in research into ageing in Ireland is a key aim of CARDI, which hopes to complement the internationally recognised "Research Agenda on Ageing for the Twenty First Century".

CARDI's first strategy will involve stimulating research in priority areas which can inform policy and practice relating to ageing and older people.

Developing an enhanced communications strategy between researchers in Ireland, with a view to building the case for an all Ireland research agenda, is another aim of this organisation.

Speaking after the launch, Minister Hoctor said that the impressive range of projects with which CARDI was involved would undoubtedly make a significant contribution to enhancing the quality of life for many older people.

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