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Counterfeit Product Linked To Death Of Ontario Horse

June 27, 2017

Health Canada is advising horse owners to check a veterinary drug, Hippiron 1000, as a counterfeit version has been found on the market. This counterfeit product may be linked to the death of a horse in Ontario and serious reactions in two other horses.

Bioniche Life Sciences Inc, a Canadian company, manufactures the drug Hippiron 1000. This drug is an iron-sucrose product that is administered by intravenous injection to treat iron deficiency in horses (equine anaemia). The company issued a Next link will open in a new window warning to its customers on June 5, 2006.

Bioniche sells Hippiron 1000 exclusively to veterinarians. Any Hippiron 1000 that has not been purchased from a veterinarian or veterinary clinic should not be used. Health Canada also advises Canadians to contact the Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate at 1-800-267-9675 if they believe they have a counterfeit version of this product.

Counterfeiting is a criminal activity that is handled by law enforcement authorities such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Health Canada provides advice regarding contraventions of the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations and also provides support to investigations undertaken by law enforcement.

Counterfeit Product - Grey stopper
Authentic Product - Red stopper

Counterfeit Product - Silver crimp
Authentic Product - Gold crimp

Counterfeit Product - Label print quality is blurred
Authentic Product - Label print quality defined

Counterfeit Product - Grey fill on label dull, dark
Authentic Product - Grey label fill lighter, reflective

Counterfeit Product - Red colour dull
Authentic Product - Red colour crisp

Counterfeit Product - Label has a matte finish
Authentic Product - Label has glossy finish

Counterfeit Product - Glass bottom imprinted with K, 7 dots, 43
Authentic Product - Glass bottom imprinted with DIN, 14, 1

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