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16 Dead Birds To Be Tested For Bird Flu, UK

April 15, 2017

16 birds have been found dead in north Wales, six at Harlech beach, Gwynedd and ten at Criccieth beach. All the dead birds were Guillemots. The Guillemot is not thought of as an importer of bird flu, therefore the bird flu tests are seen as a precaution.

Welsh authorities said the birds are being tested because more than three dead birds have been found together - current guidelines in the UK say that all dead swans, ducks and geese found in the wild, as well as any three dead birds found together should be reported and tested for bird flu.

Thousands of birds throughout the UK have been tested for bird flu - so far, only one dead swan in Scotland tested positive for H5N1. Authorities in Wales said the likelihood these Guillemots have bird flu is very small.

However, ornithologists say it is unusual to find such a cluster of dead birds in the UK. On the other hand, their deaths could easily be attributed to other diseases as well as bad weather.

Of all the dead birds found in the UK so far, not all test results have come back yet. Over the next couple of days the results will be announced.